Our Values


The commercial real estate market in the United States and in Texas presents a formidable series of challenges, but with those challenges also come opportunities.  We feel that significant opportunity exists in seeking out smaller commercial real estate investments that are experiencing difficulties such as cash flow issues, debt maturities, loan covenant violations, foreclosure, additional cash requirements, etc.


Such properties can often be acquired at favorable prices, and typically fall below the radar of larger commercial real estate buyers such as pension funds, REITs, and other institutional investors.  By acquiring properties that require hands-on, active management, re-positioning, turnaround or other added value, Dollar-Flowers is able to realize significant upside gains for its equity investors upon stabilization and/or disposition of the asset.

Dollar-Flowers Realty Partners uses a single-investment model, bringing together individual investors into specific real estate deals. 

Dollar-Flowers Realty Partners is therefore able to offer its investors the opportunity to invest in individual real estate transactions rather than requiring investors to pool their equity investments into a fund, thus losing the ability to select the specific commercial real estate transactions(s) into which their equity is invested.  We feel that our model gives our equity partners the autonomy and ownership of the transaction that their equity position warrants, and provides them with greater freedom to pick and choose the properties in which they wish to invest.

are you a Broker?

Whether you’re a seasoned broker or a new sales agent, Dollar-Flowers Realty wants to cultivate a relationship with you. When working with an educated buyer, it is always important that you believe in the properties you're buying as well as the people you're transacting with.


Dollar-Flowers Realty Partners gives you an exclusive look at properties we own before they are broadly marketed. We suggest touching base with our office every three to six months because we constantly have new properties in our portfolio. We look forward to working with you.